Wall Planter

PETG wall planter featuring a drainage compartment at the back that prevents water accumulation and root rot.

Stargate Portal

A 3D model based off of the Startgate from the TV show Stargate-SG1.

Plant Propagation Wall Decor

Custom GoPro Hero 8 mount for FPV drone

A custom mount for a GoPro Hero 8 that allows for easy mounting and removal from a FPV drone. Printed in TPU for durability and vibration dampening.

LED Lamp internals

Custom designed support for a WS2812b powered lamp. Designed priorities were cooling and printing efficiency.

Electric Longboard Component Housing

Designed and built a long board powered by 18650 li-ion cells that could easily provide 20mph cruising speeds.

GoPro Monitor Mount

A monitor mount to allow the use of a GoPro as a webcam.